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Watching Animated Batman 30 Years Late: “On Leather Wings” (S1E1)

It’s a shame for a self-professed comic book superhero fan to confess it, but I’ve never watched Batman: The Animated Series. I think I saw at least part of one episode during the show’s original run, but it likely was not “On Leather Wings.” When the animated Batman series debuted 30 years ago, I was […]

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What a Mess! WandaVisionEpisode 5 and the Doctrine of Sin

Episode 5 of WandaVision not only hints at exciting changes for the Marvel universe but also captures the complicated nature of sin.

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Review and Reflections on WandaVision, Episodes 1 & 2

(Contains minor spoilers for the first two episodes of WandaVision) Want proof not all superhero stories have to feel formulaic? Watch WandaVision, the first original MCU content to hit Disney+. It’s not quite clear exactly what this limited series is, but in its own way its as much a departure from Marvel Studios’ previous productions […]